Thursday, November 01, 2007


We've had such a long and wonderful Indian summer. Now that it's getting cold, I've been thinking about soups. I love making soup. You start out with simple ingredients and end up with a beautiful tasty result. It's like magic. Monday is going to be my soup day. Because it's a day I don't have any out of house obligations it's also a good day to make bread . When I don't have time for bread, I'll make a batch of angel biscuits. Better than regular biscuits but just as easy. Here are some of my favorite soups:

White Bean Chicken Chili

Potato Soup

Cream of Parsnip Soup

Creamy Carrot Soup with Fresh Dill

Chicken Chili (via Barefoot Contessa)

Beef Barley and Vegetable Soup

Pasta, Sausage and Bean Ragout


Susan said...

Carrie and I were just talking about soup a couple of days ago. Thanks for the recipes. Glad to see the the White Bean is a favorite. Will send a tomato bisque that is YUM, if you don't already have it. Love the kiddie photos. Petrea is getting so big and cheeky.

R-Eight said...

Oh yummy!! I have been looking for some new soup recipes. I've donwloaded all of them.

Denise said...

I made the white chili for our Halloween Chili cookoff, but did not win! Can you even imagine it?

Lizzy said...

so glad you posted soup recipes. i've been seraching for a yummy white chili recipe and this looks so good.

MandyW said...

Erin I love your blog and I love Pumpkin soup and butternut squash soup. Very good especially this time of year.
Last week my sister in law and I were chatting on line when she asked me for a good pizza dough recipe. My advice to her was, "Check Erin's blog, she loves food and she loves bread. She is bound to have a pizza dough recipe." And she said she found one. I'm scared of baking bread for two reasons. one I haven't done it since I was living at home in high school and 2 because I would eat it all.