Saturday, March 17, 2007

Clover Cupcakes

I've decided to go with the clover cupcake for dessert tomorrow. I'll use the tried and true recipe from Martha Stewart's website with Rebecca R.'s buttercream frosting.


Mom in Mendon said...

Well, I have a corned beef waiting in the fridge. And thanks to Kelly tradition, I'm trying out soda bread. It looks like I may have to try the cupcake recipes, too.

Design Mom said...

Dinner was fantastic!! Thank you for sharing.

Petrea Mom said...

Funny thing happened at out St Patricks day dinner--as we were all gathering to the table 3 year old Ella came singing, "We're going to have corn, I love corn." we all tried to explain that it was Corned beef, not corn--but she wasn't buying that--we had said corn--we better deliver! Fortunately we had some in the fridge to heat up quickly---so we made an unexpected addition to the Irish tradition---probably an improvement.