Thursday, February 07, 2008

My Week in Meals - 2/7/08

Just this week, I feel like life is settling down and becoming more organized. Since Petrea was born, the kids have been fixing their own breakfast and eating school lunch. This week I've been able to help them pack their own lunches. They have to bring a snack everyday as well. It's sometimes a challenge to think of something to send with them. Most days they still fix their own breakfast (not such a bad thing), but occasionally I'll cook them an egg or crepes (or as Colin calls them "germs").

In honor of Chinese New Year we had dumplings on Monday and I discovered a new way to cook rice. Cooking rice is a problem for me, it never comes out just perfect. It's either too watery or too clumpy or too overdone or too underdone. We don't eat enough rice for me to justify a rice cooker (and we definetely don't need another appliance). I learned this trick from The Splendid Table: cook rice like pasta. Bring large pot of water to boil. Add rice, stir. Cook for about 5-8 minutes, drain while still al dente. The rice doesn't come out like sticky rice, but separate grains, but since I almost always cook jasmine rice, I prefer that.


Lunch (for school kids)







Snack: Trail mix (almonds, pine nuts, m&ms, milk duds)



Stir fry (cabbage, carrots & onions)




Frozen Waffles


Sliced mangoes

ABC cookies

Snack: carrots

Smoked pork sandwiches with cabbage slaw (leftovers)

Whole wheat choc. chip cookies (substitute half the white flour for ww)



School lunch

Snack: oranges

Mac N’ Cheese (from a box)

Peanut butter crackers


Dipping eggs


Turkey sand.

String cheese

Snack: applesauce

Thai Chicken-Coconut Soup

Filled crescent rolls


Frozen Waffles


Rice cakes with cream cheese and fresh blueberries

Peanut butter crackers

Snack: pears

Baked Potato Bar (broccoli, sour cream, cheese, baked beans, scallions)

Celery & cucumbers


Matt's Crepes with lemon and sugar

Nachos w/ refried beans, cheese, sour cream and avocado



Salad with olives, carrots, scallions, red peppers


Allison Smith said...

rice cooker. i'm tellin' ya. we don't eat rice a whole lot either. but when we do ... there is never a concern. you can find them as cheap as $10.

Mom in Mendon said...

Glad to see you're feeling like life is more normal, whatever "normal" means. : )

Elizabeth said...

O my gosh, Matt's crepe recipe made your blog. I feel like I was just invited to eat lunch with the cool kids. Thanks for making my day! :)

Jen I said...

Mmm, I made a Thai chicken coconut soup this week too. I LOVE that stuff. Mine was much simpler as I was lacking ingredients, but so good. How do you do your smoked pork sandwiches? I'm always doing BBQ pork. Do you have any other good pork roast recipes? I'm always getting them at Costco and looking for something new to do with them.

Erin said...

jen, i'm glad you liked the soup. i loved how flavorful it was. josh smokes the pork roast all night in a smoker. it's dreamy but hard to duplicate, i'll think of some other great pork recipes.