Monday, April 16, 2007

My Week in Meals #16

Today we're recovering from the big Nor-easter. I find it amusing that New York (and Eastern seaboard) weather is always national news. Although school was canceled, the trains weren't running this morning, New York and New Jersey have declared a state of emergency, and friends' have reported flooding basements, from my perspective (on a hill) it doesn't look too bad. Because the kids are home, I enlisted their help in my meal planning. They each chose one meal they'd like to have this week.

1. Dumplings, stir fry veggies and rice (Roxcy's favorite)

2. Homemade pizza & salad (Jonah's favorite)

3. Tacos (Colin choose this one. Well, he actually choose "tor-ta-tillas", which we interpreted to mean tacos.)

4. Gnocchi & peas
You can buy a great pre-packaged version of gnocchi at Trader Joe's (go for the plain, the pesto version isn't as good). Eat it like you would pasta; with marinara or butter and parmesean or meat sauce or pesto, etc . . . This week we'll have it alfredo style.

5. Waffles with fresh fruit


rachel said...

Erin, we had a chilly weekend as well and I made your chicken chili. It is so pretty and it tastes soooooo good. The kids and Paul came home from a service project and had this chili and homemade bread. It was perfect. It is going into my winter rotation.

Elizabeth said...

I did the dumplings and they turned out totally gross...I couldnt roll out the dough thin enough to make them like real dumplings. Any tips on how to make them better? Plus, i had a lot of leftover filling compared to dough. Any thoughts on that?