Wednesday, March 21, 2007


My favorite podcast is This American Life (also heard on NPR). I just listened to "What I Learned From TV" - you can listen to it free live-streaming on their website. So funny. Great story about what happens when a man who hasn't watched tv in 20 years is challenged to watch 29 hours of tv.

But, my favorite part was when the host, Ira Glass (smart, intellectual, middle-aged, interesting Ira Glass) talked about one of his favorite shows, The OC. He said he and his wife sit on the couch together and sing the theme song, California, full voice. SEE! Smart people watch the OC.

More exciting news; this week This American Life tv series debuts on Showtime. I'm excited because, you know, the only thing better than good radio is good tv.


Lindsey said...

Okay, since my last comment didn't work...

Two things:

Love "This American Life"
Totally thought Ira Glass was gay.

(Anyone else surprised?)

He and Sarah Vowel have a huge role in Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns. It's the TMBG documentary. Fan? You must check it out. My husband has a slight on-screen role--as a bystander.

Shayne said...

Erin, that was a good show.

You may feel vindicated and validated about your dirty little secret but this does not change the fact that the Gilmore Girls is horrible.

PS Garrison Keillor is also the most overrated "comedian" of all time.

Erin said...

Lindsey, I thought he was gay too. There seems to be a lot of gay people on public radio, so I just assumed. Glad to Know about Gigantic, I love Sarah Vowel.
Shayne, I will agree that Gilmore Girls is horrible THIS SEASON, and I also agree that Garrison Keillor is sorely overrated.

PetreaMom said...

Everytime I try to listen to his show it's about gay people--it gets a little tiring.