Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Core Cookbooks

These are the cookbooks I use the most (in no particular order):

Baking with Julia by Dorie Greenspan
A collection of recipes from master bakers around the world, part of a PBS series. Gorgeous pictures, basic great recipes like white and wheat bread and rustic potato loaf, but also very technical, time-consuming ones like croissants and cardinal slice. Everything we've tried has been amazing.

Joy of Cooking (All New All Purpose 1997 Edition) by M.R. Becker, E. Becker and I. Rombauer
This is the best basic cookbook to have. There is so much information. You can find information about and recipes for every kind of fruit and vegetable. Many of our favorites come from this book (Shish-ka-bob Marinade, Waffles, Dream Bars, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Tacos, U.S. Senate Bean Soup, etc . . . ) Forget Better Homes & Gardens, give this as a wedding gift. Even though it is basic, I still am challanged by it. No photos, just drawings. I'm sure the other editions are just as good, but the 1997 one is the one I own.

The Martha Stewart Living Cookbook by MSLiving Magazine
This book contains a lot of the recipes I came across when I was an avid reader of the magazine. Fairly good reference for basics, but gets a little more fancy.

Barefoot Contessa Parties! by Ina Garten
I've loved every recipe of Ina Gartens. I love this book because it's organized by menus and seasons. Our favorite menu is the Happy Birthday! (a summer menu) and includes balsamic onions and blue cheese, asian grilled salmon, sauteed fresh corn, sauteed asparagus and snap peas and strawberry country cake.The pictures are beautiful. I would love to own any cookbook by Ina Garten.

How to Grill by Steven Raichlen
This book has helped me learn to grill. It is, like it's title suggests, very basic. You can find times and temperatures for different kinds and cuts of meat. Lots of photographs illustrate the techniques presented.


Lindsey said...

I totally agree. Life and cooking greatly improved with The MS Living cookbook and The Joy of Cooking.

liz s said...

jared? put these all on my christmas list pretty please :)