Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Petrea's First Birthday

Petrea at 1.

17.5 lbs.

Sleeping through the night. (finally!)

Signing milk, bye, more, water, cheese, eat.

Working on a few words: ball, bye, mom.

Crawling hands and knees, walking along furniture.

We celebrated Petrea's first birthday last weekend. I made individual mac n' cheese. The kids made a big sign and little party hats.

And for cake, we each got a tiny, two-layer chocolate cake.

The kids came up with some personal gifts on their own. Roxcy gave her a doll that she loved as a girl.

Jonah took her for a ride around the cul-de-sac in the wagon.


Megan said...

This was so sweet! It brought tears to my eyes. What a sweet brother and sister to give Miss-o such personal gifts. The cake looks so pretty and yummy. What a great, fun family!

laura said...

Fun! Petrea is beautiful. I love Roxcy and Jonah's gifts. And I love that you have a wall big enough for a sign that big! Miss you!

Jen I said...

She is so stinking cute.

robin k said...

Sweet Petrea, sweet Stanley family

R-Eight said...

She is so beautiful. You and Josh do very good work!

Tania said...

Happy Birthday cutie! I know I say this all the time, but I just can't get over how much she looks like Roxcy.

Carrie said...

I LOVE the flying leap into her cake! Classic!
What a fun time! I need to get my kids to do personal presents like you do. That's great! I love the kids pictures behind your table!

Elizabeth said...

did you make the cake or buy it? Duh...I should have known that answer. Sorry. Anyway - I loved the gifts and wonder if for my birthday Jonah will pull me along in a wagon?

MandyW said...

I love how involved your kids were with the planning of the party. What great gifts. What a great mom you are.

Anonymous said...

Can you share where you got the kids pixelated photos done that hang over your table?
many thx