Friday, March 07, 2008


I love this site. Friends have been telling me how awesome facebook is, but I don't really get it. This I get. Like facebook, you have friends, you can leave messages for each other, but it all revolves around books. You can organize books into different categories, rate and review them. And you can see your "friends" books and reviews. Most of my brothers and sisters and some of my nieces and nephews are on. Since 75% of the conversation in my family is about what we are reading (the other 25% of conversation is spent gossiping about the other siblings), it's so fun to connect, see reviews and comment. When you sign up be sure to add me as a friend and you'll be able to see what I'm reading.


daisy said...

I love this too. Add me as a friend,

LoGunns said...

I wish I was reading more so I could belong to this group. What am I reading these days? blogs.

Anonymous said...

Here I thought the other 25 percent of our time was spent talking about food!
Megan Kelly McQuivey