Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dr. Floyd

My kids are OBSESSED with the Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd. We download the podcast from iTunes and my kids listen to them a million times each. (They are currently in season 6. ) It's about a genius scientist who has created two time and space travel devices. His evil nemesis has stolen one of the time and space machines and travels back in time to collect historical objects that he sells on ebay (such as Molly Pitcher's pitcher). Dr. Floyd and his robot, Chips, follow them and try to stop them. The cast also includes a sock named Fidgert (Colin's personal favorite). They also have fun guests like Jeffrey Tambor, Dr. Demento and Don Novello. It's very clever and funny and prompts awesome questions at our house such as:

What's Prince Albert in a Can?

What does Rocky have to do with stairs?

What does foreboding mean?

Occasionally they'll answer voicemails and on each episode they repeat their voicemail number: 818-332-3053. One day at school the secretary asked Jonah for his phone number. His answer? "818-332-3053." That's right, he doesn't know his phone number, but he knows Dr. Floyd's.


R-Eight said...

HA! Great Jonah story.

I love stuff like this. We are going to listen this afternoon.

daisy said...

Jonah is something else. You need to stop sharing these stories because you are making Shayne sad that he doesn't have a son like Jonah....or actually a son at all.

robin k said...

Jonah is awesome.

Carrie said...

That sounds like something my kids would like. I'll have to try it out. Good 'ol Jonah. :)

MandyW said...

I love listening to pod casts as I drive to work. I'll have to give this one a try. Maybe you should teach Jonah the "Safety Kids" song that we all learned in school to remember our phone number:)

Dr. Steve said...


Evil Mastermind Dr. Steve here. I just wanted to pop by and grace your blog with my evil presence. Your hit count is now sure to skyrocket thanks to me.

Thank you so much for mentioning MY show on YOUR blog. It warms my heart to know that there are people out there spreading the word of my evilness.

Stay Rotten,

Dr. Steve

P.S. The phone number is actually 818-332-3053. Just goes to show that Dr. Floyd is too cheap to spring for an 888 number.

P.P.S. Fidgert says, "Hi" to the little ones!