Monday, August 27, 2007

Birthday Bash!

Colin turned 3 on Saturday ("3 like an elephant" he kept telling us). His "big" present was a Darth Vader costume, it was a hit. The Taylor's gave him a red lightsaber to complete the ensemble. On Sunday we got to celebrate birthdays with Olive and Ralph who both had birthdays this weekend also. Josh smoked a pork roast and ribs, we ate that with watermelon, corn and fresh tomatoes/basil/mozarella from Heather's garden. I'm obsessed with pulled pork sandwiches with BBQ sauce, Carolina sandwich slaw and smoked onions on soft Portuguese rolls. I can't get enough. It was yum-yum.

Last year, I made three cakes, but hadn't planned on doing that this year (being so huge and all), but I got excited about a couple of ideas and ended up with three cakes. I started the cakes on Thursday. I baked and frosted with a crumb coating the chocolate and vanilla cakes, then stuck them in the freezer until Saturday when I finished them up. It made the process so easy.

Colin requested chocolate with green frosting and "all the guys." He went through his collection of guys and picked some to put on the cake.

Ralph's favorite is angel food, so I did an ice cream cake version. I folded fresh sliced strawberries into the ice cream and then re-froze it in a cake pan. I sandwiched that between two round layers of angel food cake and frosted the whole thing with whipped cream. The big chunks of frozen berries were a little awkward to eat. The ice cream layer was so thick, it was pretty rock hard - again awkward to eat. Next time I'll puree the berries first and cut each layer in half, so I have 6 layers instead of 3.

I've always wanted to try a Barbie cake and thought Olive would like it. I used a Pampered Chef bowl and got advice from this blog. The fondant was a great idea, easy to make look good. Roxcy and Janessa helped design and fashion the dress. Underneath the dress was yellow cake.

It was a fun evening. I love that Colin gets to celebrate his birthday with two cousins. It makes it pretty special!


rachel said...

Everything looks great, and you didn't have to buy Cool Whip after all. Whew!

Shayne said...

How does one "smoke" a roast? I would like to do that.

Your blog always makes me so hungry, how is Josh not fat yet?

Petrea said...

You are amazing--not just three cakes, but three unique and beautiful cakes to fit the person. Happy birthday to all!

Jen I said...

Bless you and your ambition, pregnant lady! Aren't you due any day now??? Can't wait to hear! Angel food cake with raspberries and whip cream is always my birthday request - we just cut the cake in half and drizzle the raspberries with juice (from frozen then thawed packages) over to soak in a little, then cool whip, then repeat on the top layer. Always my favorite. The ice cream sounds like a nice touch though. Maybe I'll experiment next time!

robin k said...

Wow, you're awesome, Erin!

Megan said...


mandyw4 said...


You are a awsome mom. I think I'm a great friend when I take the time to do one cake and here you are making three. You are the best mom/aunt ever. You should change your blog to world's best mom.
I love reading your blog. Liz's also keeps me quite entertained. I'm hoping to start my own when I get internet at my new apartment.

I hope all is well.
Mandy Wollenzien

HeatherT said...

We are so happy Josh still lets us come over and eat the pulled pork sandwiches. Yum, yum... The cakes were not only beautiful but tasted great too. You are amazing!

Peg said...

"wow" is all I can say, Erin. They all look fabulous!