Friday, June 01, 2007

Fabulous Weekend of Food

I've been meaning to report on this past weekend. It was a great weekend. My friend, Mandy came to visit from Washington D.C. and we had so much fun together. Saturday we spent the day in the city. Some food highlights included picking up sandwiches and desserts at Bouchon Bakery (a Thomas Keller) in the Time Warner Center and heading over to Central Park for a picnic. I had an amazing Tuna Nicoise Sandwich on a ciabatta roll, Roxcy ordered a white mint chocolate mousse that was so good. The middle oozed dark chocolate. The linzer cookies were also yummy. We topped off the day with 2nd dessert from pinkberry (shave ice, their house syrup, frozen yogurt, scoops of pineapple, strawberries, bananas and kiwi, sweetened rice cakes). Here we are in Central Park. Look what cute BF we are, we even wore the same outfit without any planning!

On Monday we went to Long Beach. It was cool and rainy at times, but it was great to be there and feel the sand and the salt air. The kids had the most fun burying each other.

We also enjoyed shish-ka-bobs, pasta salad, homemade ice cream and mint brownies on Sunday evening. And loved BBQing with the Blairs Monday. That Ben B. makes a MEAN burger. (Not that the ENTIRE weekend was about food, but the best parts really were).

Thanks to Mandy for the great pictures!


daisy said...

What a dream weekend. And why can't an entire weekend be about food? Nothing could be better! Food and Friends. That's awesome.

Carrie said...

MANDY!!!!! I haven't seen her for ages! How fun that you guys could get together. What cute twins you were. But, where's the baby belly? You're hardly showing, I'm much bigger than that! No fair, oh well. :)

Anonymous said...

What a fun, food+friends weekend. You look beautiful, of course. And so do my grandchildren.
Love, Grandma

Susan said...

A picture of two of my darling Laurels from the good old days! What great friendships from Highland that have lasted for years. Glad you could get together.

liz said...

erin you look great!