Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Natural History Museum

We are enjoying our spring break this week. We had a great morning yesterday at the American Museum of Natural History. Colin was really excited to see the dinosaurs. Before we went we asked him, "What does a dinosaur say?" He look thoughtful for just a few seconds and then said in a deep, growly voice, "I'm gonna get you, Colin!" Roxcy snapped this photo of Colin and I in front of T-Rex.

Tania had told us that at the information desk you could pick up a paper detailing what exhibits were both in the movie "Night at the Museum" and at the museum. The kids were excited to search for a few things. We found Dexter, the monkey (at least a taxidermy version), mammoths, t-rex, some of the African mammals, etc . . . My kids were mostly excited to see "the dum, dum guy." You have to go through a lot of exhibits to find him, but we did.

Jonah thought it was a good way to celebrate Easter (you know, seeing a statue from Easter Island) and Roxcy taught us that Easter Island is named such because Dutch settlers first landed there on Easter Sunday.

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liz s said...

fun! jared still hasn't been to the natural history museum. we need to go!