Friday, October 06, 2006

Does it smell bad in here, or is it just me?

I'm on a smell hunt. When I walked through the door a particularly strong, bad smell greeted me. I go through the list, the embarrassingly long list, of possible culprits:
1. Did a messy diaper inadvertently end up in the inside garbage?
2. Did I ever put that milk soaked (yes, we have those lying around) rag in the laundry?
3. Did anyone pee their bed last night and I forgot to change the sheets?
4. How long has it been since I cleaned out the fridge? Any beans in there?
5. Any empty meat packages in the garbage?
6. Dead mouse? I haven't seen signs of mice in a few months, I hope it's not this one.
I go through the list, but I can't tell if the smell is really gone or I'm just used to it. Time to spray some perfume and move on.


Lindsey said...

This happened to me awhile back--when I was pregnant and my sense of smell was very keen. I used a whole bottle of bleach on my bathroom, and checked every knook and cranny before I figured out it was the rusting metal on the radiator cover. One day it disappeared as mysteriously as it appeared.

Donna said...

Rotting potatoes are real stinkers. You can't tell at a glance because the offender could be at the bottom of the basket.

Design Mom said...

Dirty diapers and milk-soaked rags are our most popular offenders.