Thursday, October 12, 2006

Bunko Night!

Rachel asks: "I have to take an appetizer to Bunko night and would like to bring something seasonal. Any suggestions?"

When I think fall I first think of apples. They are definetely in season here. In your climate I'm guessing pecans and tomatoes are also in season. Here are some ideas:

a cheese tray that includes spiced pecans, sliced apples, baked brie and sliced baguette would take advantage of Texas pecans and of course apples.

buffalo chicken wings and celery with a blue cheese dipping sauce are so yummy, although perhaps not seasonal.

Presentation might be an issue, but I love crepes with apples and whipped cream. You could bring everything separate and let people construct their own. To prepare apples: Peel and slice apples, cook them, covered with a small amount of water until soft. Drain remaining water, add cinnamon, sugar and butter.

A milky way tart isn't too seasonal either, but is MOAN OUT LOUD GOOD. See previous post for recipe.

Because you live in a warm climate, you may still be enjoying fresh tomatoes. Try a fresh salsa and/or tomatillo-avocado salsa with chips.

Does anyone have other suggestions?


rachel said...

These are some great ideas. It has been warm here but we are having a cold snap and it actually feels like fall today so I am in a baking/cooking mood. I'll let you know how it goes.

Lindsey said...

What is bunko?