Thursday, September 07, 2006

An Ode to Julia

Thanks to Megan for this odd link.


Kathryn said...

Have you read that book about the woman named Julia who made all of Julia Child's recipes in her small kitchen in Manhattan? I haven't read it but I have heard a lot about it.

Lindsey said...

Cool. I think Julia would be honored. And she'd probably say how much she liked butter on her corn on the cob.

By the way--I haven't gotten around to baking the cookie dough you brought over yet because I have been slicing off little pieces and eating it. SO GOOD! They may never make it to the oven.

liz s said...

should i be buying a julia child's cook book? isn't she like the queen of all that is tasty and delicious?

Erin said...

Kath - I've heard of that book! I saw her on Martha Stewart. I'd like to read it.
Lindsey - glad you like it!
Liz - I have that same question. She was so important for the sixties and because of her food is where it is, but would it really be useful to go through Mastering the Art of French cooking? Don't know. Maybe I'll just appreciate what's she's brought to the cooking world, but learn from more recent cookbooks who recognize the trends and ingredients of now and are taking the art of cooking to new places.

Petrea Kelly said...

That's a nice tribute--where is it?
You don't have to make every recipe in her book to make it worthwhile to own it. I think I heard that Marth Stewart started out by making everything in her book and then she became a caterer---and then...and so on