Thursday, August 31, 2006

My Week in Meals








ham soup

(from freezer)


fruit/tofu smoothies


yogurt parfaits


chicken w/simmer sauce

salad w/ranch



eggs & toast

baked beans


asian grilled salmon

potato salad

babybel & crackers





mac n’ cheese


mixed greens


fruit leather



oatmeal & toast


spaghetti carbonara

mixed bitter greens

carrots & hummus





black bean salad

nutella toast


liz said...

i love this! this is the order to my life i have been missing!

Salem said...

So how much do you really stick to this thing? We try planning just dinner and we have trouble after about three days into it. I count 25 different things, how many do you actually serve what is listed in a typical week?

Erin said...

After trying a lot of slightly different ways of planning meals, I've found this one works the best. After I've planned, I shop for everything I've listed, but then don't adhere to the days. I'll make all the meals listed, but mix them up according to my schedule, what's about to expire, etc . . . I usually leave one day free and we go out, or make up for meals we've missed, etc . . . Often when I plan the next week I'll still have ingredients for a few meals I planned in the previous week, so I carry those over and shop for less the next week.

Erin said...

Two more things: 1. the bigger my family gets the more specific my plan has to be 2. a lot of what i've listed i buy prepared, like taquitos (frozen from TJ's), simmer sauce (also from TJ's), etc . . .

Salem said...

Do you guys still not eat leftovers? You never did in Denver. I encourage Megan to cook for 8 people so I can eat home-cooked food all week long!

Petrea Kelly said...

I hope you have some way of keeping all these ideas in a big file--it would make a very nice book someday. I printed out some pages to send to Brigham and Emma--no blogs allowed in China---I think they will enjoy it as much as I do. Love, Mom Kelly

jordan said...

That sounds really nice. If we lived near you I would pay you handsomly to make food for two extra people.

Heather said...

You are my hero, Erin. The meals all sound great and it's so organized. How do you create the template? Excel? I'd love to try something like this.

sara said...

my neighbor is willing to cook but unwilling to be this organized. however, her sister is this organized. for her birthday this year the sister gave my neighbor a years worth of menus and the shopping list to accompany it. she gets them a month at a time. perfect.

jared said...

i had one of these schedules in college, it went like this:


Breakfast: Marshmallow Mateys
Lunch: Marshmallow Mateys
Dinner: Car's Jr. - Famous Star(NO onions)

Erin said...

When I was in college I ate only Marshmellow Mateys for every meal for an entire week. For the first three days, it was all I had, but then it became kind of a challenge, so I had to finish out the week. (I did also eat candy during class).

Erin said...

Salem, I eat leftovers, no one else in my family does.
Sara, I love that. what a gift.
Heather, the template is called create a table in Word. So simple.

Design Mom said...

Oh man! I love this kind of thing. Will you please post your menu every week so I can copy it exactly and never have to think of meal ideas again? Thank you in advance.

Megan said...

I'm curious about how this blog has changed you as a person. Do you now consider food to be part of your personality? Do you make Ramen Noodles in the closet for fear you might be discovered? Did you ever dream that you'd become such a food maven or such a gourmet guru? It's really fun having such a "palate-smart" gal in the fam.
Megan Kelly McQuivey