Saturday, July 29, 2006

Thinking of Mexican

So, I used to think that you couldn't find good Mexican food in New York. I've said it many times, as if I were the authority on what constitutes good Mexican and where, exactly, it can be found. We've been happy to discover Itzocan and Tomatillo, both excellent Mexican, just not the kind I grew up with. Perhaps it's more "authentic?" less tex-mex, or southwest. Or maybe it just represents a different regional cusine. We ate at Tomatillo last night. It's in Dobbs Ferry, a cool town set along the Hudson. It's very casual and very cheap. Their thing seems to be burritos, but we loved the fresh guacamole and salsa, as well. And when I need a Mexican fix that reminds me of the Mexican food found in Colorado and Utah, I go to Chipotle. Also known for big burritos, my favorite being the fajita burrito. The only downside is there are none in Westchester, you have to go into the city.

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rachel said...

Erin, made your lemon cake today, SO GOOD! Also I reread your post about the fajita rub, I just ordered some.
See you next week!