Wednesday, July 12, 2006

How Old Are You?

Park Avenue Cafe (63rd and Park Ave). If you eat after 8:30, you get three courses (an appetizer, entree and dessert) and pay the price of your age. At regular price you would spend $65+, so it's a good deal (if you're under 65). I read about it here. I like the idea, but can understand how older eaters might not think it's so cool. I'm actually really surprised that a restaurant in NYC on Park Avenue would do something so innovative and different. I know New York is the center of the universe and trends start here or something like that, but there is also this wierd loyalty to customs and traditions that seems to prevail much of the time. Like how so many restaurants around here only take cash. I used to think only dumpy down-on-their-luck kind of places only took cash. Not so. It's actually the opposite, you know you are at a really cool place if you have to pay cash. I can't wait to go have a three course dinner and pay $30 and use my credit card.

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Heather said...

Damn! I just turned 36. I could have saved a whole dollar. When can we go?