Saturday, May 14, 2011

Music Lessons

We've slowly been adding to our office/band room; piano, drum set, guitar, amp, microphone, speaker. Roxcy and her friends have formed a band called 5x Unique. They are playing a Taylor Swift song in the school talent show this week. Roxcy is loving her guitar and piano lessons so we decided to sign her up for voice lessons as well. She just wrote a song that is so sweet and cute and 12, all about beautiful sun filled days and making the most of today. She's also started playing hymns.

Jonah is plugging away at piano, he doesn't love it yet, but he will. He's zipping through his books. He recently started drums. Rhythm comes very naturally for him. (Famous Juddy of Erik the Red is both Roxcy's guitar teacher and Jonah's drum teacher. EtR just released their first CD, you can hear it on their website:

Colin had been asking to take piano for several months but I didn't take him seriously. I guess because Jonah didn't start until he was 9, it didn't occur to me that Colin might be different. We started lessons together a few months ago and he's already finished his first set of books. He's doing really well and I love the one-on-one time I get with him.

Petrea and Julian have been particpating in a co-op kind of music class that I organized. They loved it, but it got to be a bit much so we stopped doing it a few months ago. We try to do songs and games a few times a week. Julian especially loves to dance, whenever he hears music coming from the office he runs in and starts dancing or trying to play with the musician.

I love to see my kids taking pleasure in music and being able to make music independently.


Tania said...

Jacob has been begging for piano lessons for months. I have been trying to find a teacher. I like Emily's teacher - but he's so expensive, I want to find someone a little less for Jake. Also, he's not very positive and doesn't give out praise - which I think Jacob would really need. Wish you still lived here to give him lessons!

robin k said...

So wonderful. I want to hear Roxcy's song!

Petrea said...

What a fun group you will have in a few years when they are all trained musicians. Such lucky kids to have so many chances to learn!

Mom in Mendon said...

Oh! Good to see you posting. Love every little morsel of news.