Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 08

We had a lovely day that involved a parade and songs at preschool, a parade at the elementary school, cul-de-sac party with soup and snacks, trick-or-treating until we were totally exhausted. It's easy to go to a lot of houses in our neighborhood. We loved the doughnuts and hot chocolate at the Anderson's, the scarecrows that came to life at the Empey's , the spooky blow up house we had to walk through at the Hill's and the glow sticks at the Ritchie's (brilliant!) We missed the really scary, fully decked out New England houses in Heather's neighborhood. The weather was perfect, not cold, not hot. We went around the block together, then Josh took Petrea home and handed out candy while we kept going. Roxcy went with some friends to the heights, later Jonah and Josh went to the "big" houses because it was rumored they were giving out full size candy bars. They were. Jonah came home with 7 big candy bars. The streets were full of kids and parents and lots of people were sitting outside their houses waiting for trick or-treaters.

Jonah as the joker:

Roxcy as a witch:

I attemped a Sarah Palin get-up. Josh had on an Obama button and got asked several times if that was his costume.

Colin as ??? He changed his mind everyday. We thought we had decided on a pirate, but then wouldn't wear the costume. After seeing Willy dressed as a robot at preschool he really wanted to be a robot. He finally agreed to the vampire thing, but insisted on green hair and carried his teeth in his pocket.

Our little black kitty. Since Roxcy was a witch, she wanted Petrea to be her black cat. She wasn't exactly cooperative, but we did get some great post-halloween pictures.


liz stanley said...

petrea looks a lot like henry. only super girlie, of course. cute!

Elizabeth said...

Holy cow - Jonah totally cashed in. I want to move to St. George!

Amanda said...

I love those cute costumes on your especially adorable children.

Mom in Mendon said...

Great costumes, including Sarah P.