Monday, March 17, 2008

Top o' the Mornin'

Here's our St. Patrick's Day report. We had a fun celebration Sunday night with family and friends. You can find all the recipes here.

Our Irish heritage on my side. The kids got a quarter if they could memorize it.

Last week the kids went on a "green" hunt: they found green things all over the house and we put them in vases.

The food. Oh my. It was good.

Fresh limes sans sprite.

Josh smoked the corned beef this year. Best year ever.


Roasted Vegetables

Cashel Palace Brown Bread

I sauteed the cabbage in butter this year: Melt 1/2 cube of butter in frying pan, add about 1 T. water and 1/2 head of green cabbage, cut up. Cover and cook until tender. Add salt. It was so good that some people even had seconds! Crazy.

Dessert. We used this opportunity to celebrate Ben Blair's birthday. This Mile High Chocolate Cake was very good, but the frosting was CRAZY good. We also had lemon cake and Laura brought green filled OREOs, yum. (I want that recipe, Laura!)

The kids put on a play about a tricky leprechaun and Roxcy organized a game of find the shamrocks and pots of gold. It was a perfect evening.


daisy said...

It's posts like these that I wish my kids had Erin for a mom. Yum and Fun!

Carrie said...

Wow! You guys had a good St. Patty's! We had "green dinner" at James' parents house: corned beef, mashed potatoes, green jello, etc. Not quite as authentic as your feast, but the kids loved it. When will we see you again?!

Petrea said...

What a delightful celebration! Your kids are lucky to have you and Josh for parents.

Cafe Johnsonia said...

WOW!!! You put our measly little meal to shame!

liz s said...

looks like so much fun. miss you guys. ps the recipes were delish!

laura said...

It was delicious. And such good company. Thanks for having us.

Angela said...

Looks like such a fun night! And of course, the food looked amazing. Always fun to make the most of each holiday.

R-Eight said...

It looks so great. I love the jars of green things. Such a cute idea.

Denise said...

Was that a Grandfather named Kermit? Cool! Oh and btw Erin, my b-day is in July, just in case you wanted to make that cake again, ever... :-)