Thursday, September 06, 2007


At 40 weeks. Yes those are my toes clear down there. I had to lean way over to include them in the picture.

This baby is so polite. She's waiting until I got the 2 oldest off to school and signed Colin up for library story time and Mommy & Me playgroup. She waited until her Dad got through his first week at school and a hectic week at work. I think she's even waiting for me to get the house cleaned and some errands done, so kind.

My favorite conversation this pregnancy has been:

"Is this your first?"

"No, my fourth."

Looks of horror, embarrassment, shock, not knowing what to say next, but inevitably they all come up with some version of this line,

"You must have been a child bride."

And I smile and say, "I'm just older than I look."

I take it as a compliment and I admit I get a secret pleasure out of shocking people.

Lately the conversations have been like this:

"When are you due?"

"Last Saturday."

And then they physically recoil, look at me with fear like I'm unstable explosive material ready to explode from the belly and shoot guts and blood and other unmentionable liquids all over them. It's a good visual.


Carrie said...

I can relate to that. When I went to the store with the 3 kids and obviousely pregnant, people would ask, "Are they ALL yours?". I would smile and say yes. I would get the "WOW!" from people when I was alone and asked if this was my first, no my fourth. I imagine it's worse in NY, at least in UT people are pretty used to large families (I think of 4 kids in the medium size, 10 kids is a large family). :)

rachel said...

I love it!! I went 7 days over with Robin and 10 days over with Josh and I remember one lady telling me if I pray and then have enough faith, the baby will come.

Peg said...

Good luck, Erin!

Angela said...

Very cool picture! I'm glad this little one waited for you to get some things done, but hope she doesn't wait too, long, for your sake. Don't you love those looks on people's faces? Priceless.

Megan said...

I've been getting those "When are you due?" questions for a couple months now. Except when I tell them how much longer I have I get a look of shock and even sometimes a gasp.
I love seeing peoples expression when they think you're about to pop, but realize that you have a few months left.
It's gotta be from the huge thighs side of the family.

Huge Thighs=large baby

Good luck with the delivery. I can't wait to hear some news!

Shayne said...

Are your toes against the war in Iraq? They look like they are all for peace. They have been listening too much to Josh and his liberal rhetoric.

We are excited to hear when it happens.

PetreaMom said...

Do you ever wonder what those little spirits are doing with all that extra time in heaven? Do they have unfinished work to do or are they having lots of farewell parties? We're eager to hear from you!!!

ashlynn said...


Anonymous said...

I get the same comments about being to young to have 5. When I moved into my our new home 4 months ago. The nieghbor thought my hubby was a single father. Because I looked like one the kids. I just laugh now.

Good luck with baby #4 !

robin k said...

Love to you guys.

liz said...

great photo!!!!

you will do great! can't wait to see her.

I had 4 people I know have their babies before me and their due dates were long after mine, it became the joke among friends, bets on how many more people would steal my baby birthing order in the group.

Denise said...

all true...every word

Tania said...

Yes, pregnant with Jane;

"Is this your 1st?"

"No, my fourth."


You're right, it was fun to shock people.

Jen I said...

Cute comment about the extra time in heaven. Reminded me that when Cash was late Ryan said he "just had a lot of red tape to get through up there."

You're so good for being positive about the baby being late! I was so desperately trying to be done!

LoGunns said...

Don't try castor oil to get the baby coming:)

liz s said...

ha ha awesome post! i cna't wait to meet ms. polite! i bet she's gonna be just as cute as she is polite.

mandyw4 said...


Happy to hear you get joy out of shocking people. I can't wait to see the new addition.