Friday, June 22, 2007

Mom and Dad

My parents were on their way home from Scotland. They've been traveling for pretty much all of June and were anxious to go home, but first had a layover at Newark. After sitting on the plane for 5 hours, the flight was finally canceled. This was Tuesday and they couldn't get another direct flight until Thursday. So Josh and David made a late night trip to NJ to pick them up. On the way TO Scotland they got stuck in San Fransisco for two days, my brother thinks some kind of black hole follows them around when they fly, but we thought it was awfully good luck! We loved the surprise visit and had such a good time visiting and eating.

Whenever my Dad visits he introduces us (read dares to try) to local restaurants. We got take-out from Kazuka on Columbus Ave one afternoon. Great tempura, chicken katsura, and salad dressing. It's a great place to go for lunch or take-out dinner (a great alternative to pizza). Next time I think we'll try the dinner Bento Box.

One night we got dinner from Ribs on the Run. It's primarily a take-out/delivery joint over on Central Ave, but it was surprisingly good. We got a family meal: ribs, chicken, potato salad, coleslaw & cornbread.

It was so fun to see my parents for a couple of days and eat good food with them!


rachel said...

I'm sorry they had to endure 5 hours on a plane. That is no fun but what a treat to get to see them for a day or two.

Anonymous said...

What a great treat that you got to have your parents for a while.