Thursday, June 07, 2007

Food Blogs

3 new (to me) food blogs I can't get enough of:

La Tartine Gourmand - written by a food photographer/stylist it's an interesting peak into that world. The pictures are mouth wateringly incredible. Recipes in both English and French, I go here for inspiration.

The Pioneer Woman - fascinating for the detailed How-To pictures. Every step is well documented. This is country, down-home, hearty cooking at it's best. The author refers to her recipes as being "Marlboro Man" worthy.

Smitten Kitchen - more wonderful pictures and how-to's. I would most likely cook from this blog. I can't wait to try the strawberry-rhubard crumble. The author lives in the Northeast (like me) so I especially enjoy her musings about the fresh, in season ingredients she's cooking with.

All found via SK*RT


liz s said...

i love those pictures on the smitten kitchen blog! gorgeous! i wish i could take pictures of food like that (and eat food like that every day)

rachel said...

I loved smitten kitchen too. I am alwasy in the mood for cobbler.