Monday, May 07, 2007

Birthday Weekend Re-Cap

We had great fun this weekend. One highlight was rowing in Central Park - so great! If you have kids, or don't, you have to do this. We were especially excited to discover turtles all along the shore. We'd sneak up on them and they'd dive into the water. The lake is interesting because of it's shape. It's not just a big round circle, but meanders much like a big river. The kids also liked going under the bridge and taking a turn to row the oars.

The other highlight was having a bbq Sunday evening with the cousins. Josh makes a seriously great burger and I made another sad cake (I need serious cake help). James helped me decorate it with Thin Mint cookies and Mike n' Ikes. Jonah also got spoiled with some great presents from cousins, grandparents and friends.


rachel said...

how beautiful is that boy??

robin k said...

I hope you guys sang, "Jonah, Jonah, don't eat the clay..."

Happy Birthday, Dear Jonah.


Anonymous said...

The boy is great, and so is the cake. Mike and Ikes! You know how to make a kid happy.