Monday, January 15, 2007


My favorite thing in our kitchen are these kitchen chairs we inherited from my parents. We had them in my home growing up for as long as I can remember. At least weekly, my mom would line them up in the living room so she could mop the wooden kitchen floor. That's when we would climb, play train, play spaceship or make an obstacle course with them. This week I lined them up so I could mop our weathered brown linoleum kitchen floor. (Not a weekly accurence in our house I'm afraid). Colin loved climbing back and forth.


Lindsey said...

I had forgotten that we did that when I was a little kid, too. It was usually on Monday mornings. I was always a little sad when my mom would put them back. Thanks for the fun memory!

kathryn said...

I just got a swiffer wet jet, and I must say the novelty of it makes mopping a little (just a little) less painful.

Colin is so cute.

Susan said...

That's a bit of a memory for me too. I never asked your mom what they did with the chairs when the new ones arrived.