Monday, October 16, 2006

MOMA and Vong

Since we've come to New York, I've been taking note of "outings" that work, particularly ones in the city. Knowing the details about driving, parking, time, cost, etc . . . really help when guests come or when we as a family want to do something fun. A few guidelines: they have to include food and a non-food something as well. They can be age specific (i.e. for adults only), but if they are for the whole family they have to be interesting and easy for all kinds of folks, including older guests and young kids and everyone in between. They can be expensive, but not outrageously so. We had two great outings with my visiting parents this weekend. MOMA and Vong and Grimaldi's, Jacques Torres and Brooklyn Bridge Park (more on that later).

On Saturday afternoon we went to the MOMA. This was an adult only outing. We parked at the 1345 garage on 53rd Street because they give a discount to MOMA visitors. The MOMA can be pricey ($20 per person), but check discounts through work or school. David was able to get tickets through his company, and because students of all New York colleges get a ticket, Josh was able to get in free. Friday evenings are also free for everyone and they stay open later (until 8 as opposed to 5:30). I love being at the museum. They have a bunch of instantly recognizable stuff like Starry Night, and Christina's World, etc . . . but every floor has interesting works. We spent some time on the architecture and design floor and really enjoyed it.

Afterwards we went for an early dinner at Vong. It was only about 4 long blocks from the MOMA, an easy walk (or quick cab ride if the weather is to cold). Zagat's describes it as Thai-French fusion. The flavors were amazing. They have a pre-theater dinner menu (before 6:30), that consists of appetizer, entree and dessert for $35 a person. A great deal. I had the chicken coconut soup with lemongrass, sesame seed crusted salmon, and Valhona molten chocolate cake with coconut sorbet. Josh's raw tuna spring rolls were also amazing. We'll definetely go back. So good.


Jenni said...

I love the MOMA, haven't been back since the remodel, have you ever eaten at any of the restaurants there? I think Danny Meyer has a few there, right? Vong sounds so good...I am so jealous. Can't wait to hear about your trip to Grimaldi's and Jaqcues Torres!

Carrie said...

I feel like such a country bumpkin. We went to the Hogle Zoo yesterday, does that count as exciting? It did for us. :)

Erin said...

jenni - i'm dying to try the modern at the moma but it's like a million dollars. i forgot to mention that vong is jean-georges vonges;lkasdf or whatever.
carrie - i love the hogle zoo. those monkeys are tripped up.