Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cranberry-Walnut Pumpkin Loaves

I'm a little tired of the non-yeast variety breads (banana, zuchinni, pumpkin) that are really just cake, but not as good as good as cake. (Seriously, why not just eat cake? It's not like it's a healthier choice.) That's why I was so excited to try this pumpkin bread. Still cute and little with great fall flavors like pumpkin, cranberries, cinnamon and nutmeg, but "slightly sweet, just a little spicy, and even a bit savory." Intriguing. I was so happy with the result. It is as the cookbook describes, but with surprises like raisins, walnuts and fresh (not dried and sweetened) cranberries. The sour cranberries were a bit much for some who tried the bread, but I liked the contrast of the sweet raisins and tart cranberries. Although this bread doesn't take a lot of work, it does have to sit for long periods of time (like overnight in the fridge), so it is a project involving a few days. I loved snacking on it fresh from the oven, eating it for breakfast with a little cream cheese and having it toasted with butter and tea. It's a lovely bread to have around when you are entertaining out-of-town guests.

The recipe comes from Baking with Julia. Find it here. (If you have mini loaf pans, use them and make three loaves instead of the two suggested.)


Sara said...

Can I really eat cake for breakfast? That would fit nicely into my current diet/exercise routine.

Design Mom said...

This looks so yummy.

Erin said...

Sara, it's not cake. But I think anything with oatmeal in it is good for breakfast, like oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.