Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Republic of Tea

I love herbal tea. I used to drink it all the time with lots of sugar and cream or milk. Rich. I stopped drinking it for awhile, probably due to the warmer climates I was living in, but lately I really like drinking tea again. New York has a great climate for tea drinking. I like it with a little milk and not so much sugar these days. My children say it tastes like hot water. Although I like the taste, I think I enjoy the ritual of it so much more. Even if you make it quick in the microwave with a tea bag, you still have to take time to drink it. You can't guzzle it down or drink it quickly to get some of your 8 glasses. You just have to sip; slowly, patiently. And you have to find some activity to occupy yourself while you drink; reading a magazine, visiting with your spouse, filling a bath, looking out the window. The whole idea and aroma and taste are so RELAXING. I prefer something with a little chamomile. My favorite brand is The Republic of Tea. I love the packaging and design, and their bags are very flavorful. They also don't have those annoying strings and pieces of paper attached. My husband brought me home some chamomile lemon; surrender to sleep herb tea and I love it. It's raining right now. It's dark and grey and perfect tea weather.


petrea Kelly said...

You make it sound so wonderful I'm longing for winter so I have an excuse to drink flavored hot water again. I'm with you on that subject! It's still too hot here, most days.
Love, Mom

Design Mom said...

Straight chamomile is my favorite. I love the pretty packaging on Rebuplic of Tea.

rachel said...

Rerin, I love what you said about the ritual. That is what I have learned to love. Waiting for the tea to steep, sipping it slowly, I find it very civilized, very relaxing.