Monday, August 21, 2006

The Weekend in Food

The wedding festivities began with a pre-nuptial bbq in my parent's backyard. The menu was classic Kelly fare: smoked pork sandwiches with bbq sauce and steamed onions, cowpoke pintos, cabbage slaw, corn on the cob, tomatoes and cucumbers. For dessert the groom's family brought BYU delights: mint brownies, chocolate dipped macaroons and eclairs. We all sat by the pond and ate and watched as the kids (and adults) played, canoed and drove an electric motorboat around the pond (see second pic.). The weather was cool, the mosquitos were mild. The yard looked beautiful and colorful and full. As it got dark a fire was lit in the portable fire pit (you can see it in the corner of the waterfall pic.) and a few stayed to roast marshmellows and sit around the fire.

The next day the couple got married in the evening in Salt Lake. Salt Lake was beautiful. August is such a nice time of year in Utah. Afterwards, the wedding party had dinner at the Market Street Grill in Cottonwood. This is my favorite restaurant in Utah. They have amazing seafood. Our meal started with appetizers on the deck, melons, cheese and crackers, and hot artichoke crab dip. We sat down to enjoy the house salad, sans shrimp :( and really good sourdough bread. The entree was salmon with dill sauce, steak, rice pilaf and mixed vegetables. My salmon was so good; a little crispy from the grill just like I like it. The dill sauce was creamy and a perfect accompaniment. The steak was disappointing, mine was cooked medium well, which is pretty much inedible as far as I'm concerned. For dessert we had triple chocolate layer mousse. It was cylindrical and consisted of three layers, dark chocolate, lighter chocolate and white chocolate. It was super yum.

The next night, the adults in my family gathered for dinner at Sundance's Foundry Grill. I love going up Provo canyon, especially this time of year. The wildflowers were in bloom and it was so green (for the desert). I was a little disappointed with the restaurant though. The menu was pretty boring, your basic meat and potatoes, but was done well. Their crab cakes were amazing, I liked my salad of mixed greens and blueberries and enjoyed my steak, garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus. The dessert menu isn't worth repeating.

On Saturdays, the Kelly crowd based in Utah meet at JCW's for lunch. My dad loves their burgers, my niece and nephew (above) love their banana splits and ice cream sundaes. They had just come from riding lessons (Western style, of course). JCW's do have good burgers and good milkshakes. (Don't let the fact they they are housed in the old Hardees building deter you.) After all the heavy eating from the previous days, I didn't think I could finish my Hawaiian hamburger with pineapple and bbq sauce, my onion rings and my OREO milkshake, but they tasted so good I nearly finished it all.


Mo said...

I love Market Street Grill/Broiler. Never been to the Cottonwood location. I will have to check it out when I am in UT next.

rachel said...

It sounds wonderful! We loved the Market Street Grill when we lived in Salt Lake. I miss it so much.

jordan said...

All the pictures look so nice.

Mom in Mendon said...

We LOVE the Kellys. Thanks for letting Lainey and Trey McEvoy go for a ride on the pond with Grandpa Mac. They loved it.