Thursday, August 24, 2006

Salsa for Jenni

Jenni asked about salsa. I think most bottled salsas aren't worth buying. My favorites aren't available in RH. Stew Leonards fresh salsa is super yum. I also like TJ's Salsa Autentica. It's very smooth, no chunks but has a good flavor and works on stuff and as a plain dip. (That doesn't help you much, sorry.)

My husband prefers Pace Picante Medium Salsa. Not chunky, not taco sauce, not enchilada sauce. We can't find it in New York. They have every other kind of Pace Picante, but not the plain ole' medium salsa. When we go to Utah he packs his suitcase with bottles to bring home. I wonder if you can find it in RH? When we run out we end up with Tostitos brand. Sloppy seconds. My sister likes a variety she gets at A&P. She served it at the couple's shower. Does anyone know what it is? Anyone else have a favorite salsa brand?


laura said...

first of all, i have to say i like the little star in circle things on your blog. very cute. comes in handy to have a hubby who can help you with this stuff, huh?

second, and can you even believe i'm posting a comment about food? i'm not the one to ask about food. but, anyway...i like my salsa super un-chunky. like los hermanos style. so i tried making it once or twice, then got lazy. now i just buy a flavor i like and put it in the blender. works great. tastes great. no chunks.

Jenni said...

ah-ha, i think the kind heather served was desert pepper brand, very good, they have so many to choose from. i'll keep searching. i'm on a quest.

Mo said...

Have Josh try Tostitos "Restuarant Style" salsa. I have only seen it in medium but that is the one that I like. It is very un chunky and quite good. They also have great salsa at this Mexican restaurant in Greenwich, CT called Boxcar Cantina but I don't know if they sell it to go.

Erin said...

Laura, my husband had NOTHING to do with the stars. That's all me. I like your blender idea. You should try TJ's Salsa Autentica, it's blender smooth.
Jenni, Desert Pepper! That's it. Keep up updated on your search.
Mo, I'm skeptical but will have to try restaurant style. I'm glad to hear about Boxcar Cantina -