Monday, August 28, 2006

Farm Day

On Saturday we went to Lawrence Farms (we found it on in Newburgh. I was hoping for a chance to pick lots of fruit for cheap so we could process it; freeze, jam, make pies, etc . . . You do not go to a farm for this reason. It isn't cheap. It's not expensive either, but not much more than the grocery store, although better quality. We did have a really great day though. After an unfortunate lunch at the local diner in Newburgh, we drove the few miles to the farm. It's located in the Catskills area; beautiful rolling hills, and so green. The overcast, misty day only added to the experience. The kids loved picking and riding in the wagon and seeing the few farm animals. We picked 3 different varieties of plums, peaches, green beans, grapes, pears, and corn. Josh and I fantasized about having our own orchard and garden. Rox bonded with the farm dog. It was cathartic to be in the country.


Sara said...

I spent the morning at the church farm picking peaches. At 10:00 a.m. we had picked all they needed for the day and sent us home. Before we left we were offered a chance to glean any fruit we wanted.
These peaches are huge. They are warm and juicy right off the tree. I took way more than I need and I'm trying to figure out who to take some to.
Too bad you're not closer.

rachel said...

I love seeing these beautiful faces!

Erin said...

Sara, I'm soooo jealous. I wish I were closer too!

Kathryn said...

Erin, were the peaches worth it? I am looking for peaches to make the famous Baer frozen peaches. (so we can have the taste of fresh peaches all winter long). Or should I stick with 99 cents per pound at Stop and Shop.

Petrea Kelly said...

It looks really fun--I checked out pick-you-own farms in Utah and they were pretty slim, but the Kelly farm is doing well right now--anyone who is nearby can drop by and pick blackberries, tomatoes, peppers and Asian eggplants---I've just got to figure out something to make with the Asian eggplants---I planted them because B.J. said they have a superior flavor to Italian ones---I wonder if they store? We'll soon have a few peaches and a lot of pears, but not many apples this year.
Love, Mom Kelly

Megan said...

I agree with you about Pick Your Own Farms. In the East Coast, they want you to have the expensive experience of picking a small pint of berries, or of picking a small bag of apples. But it is not the place to go if you plan to can your food.
Last year we picked raspberries for jam. The bushes were so picked over. We stayed for hours and could only find 1 pint. We scoured the stores when we got home to find enough for jam, and ended up paying $5.99 per half pint. I closed my eyes, bought a ton, and made the MOST expensive raspberry jam of my life!
Megan Kelly McQuivey