Friday, July 21, 2006

Totally Choice

Tuckahoe-ites, I have a new take-out option for you. Have you been to Choice Bagels & More? (The title alone would want to make you go). It's the bagel place in the seedy strip mall on Mill, next to Dunkin' Donuts. They do have bagels, choice ones, but they also have really good wraps. I'm not a wrap fan, but this one was REALLY good. It was grilled chicken, peppers and onions (all grilled in front of me), bacon and a ranch-type sauce in a whole wheat wrap. It was hot and yummy. Another bonus: the More in Choice Bagels & More also refers to the large variety of candy all over the shop.

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Lindsey said...

At first I was thinking, "Hmm. Maybe I will have to try that. I'm always looking for a new favorite bagel shop. Then I saw that they have candy. Oh, yeah. I'm going there.