Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Shopping with Jonah

I want my kids to be good cooks. Well, at least competent cooks. My mom did a great job of teaching us. We cooked a lot from a young age. (Maybe that was necessity more than design). I take my children's culinary education seriously and have focused on teaching Roxcy kitchen stuff. Mostly because she's the oldest, but also (I know it sounds chauvinistic) because she's a girl. But, surprise, surprise, Jonah has become my little buddy in the kitchen. He LOVES food. His food tastes are like lots of kids, pizza, hot dogs, mac n' cheese, anything sweet but he also loves chocolate mousse and other rich chocolate things, lobster, and trout from Grandpa's pond. One time he asked me to buy brussel sprouts so he could try them. (He gave them a thumbs up). He always volunteers to help me cook and shop and likes to talk about food and cooking. He even likes to watch cooking shows with me and makes lots of great comments about what they are cooking and eating. His favorites: Iron Chef America and Barefoot Contessa. I love that he notices and is interested in the culinary world. He went shopping with me today and we talked about food.
Me: "What should we have for dinner tonight?"
J: "I think I'm in the mood for something kind of fancy."
Me: "Fancy? What kind of food is fancy?"
J: "Sweet things, like fruit salad."

J:"Do you know Kumkwats are a fruit? Do you know what they taste like? I'd really like to taste them." (Who would've guessed, but Trader Joe's actually carries kumkwats. Unfortunately they were sold out . . . )

J:"Mom, did you see they have some of that greek yogurt (Fage) with honey? You can put the honey in the yogurt."


beckyjournal said...

I love that you teach your children to cook and eat lots of things. I remember they loved Chinese Dumpling! and once we had artichokes with butter. Wow. I am very impressed with their sophistication! You are raising brilliant children.

Sara said...

My goal is for each of my children to fix Thanksgiving dinner the year of their 16th birthday. We talk about it now. We discuss what dishes they know how to cook and which ones they still need to learn.

My theory is: if a child can successfully cook a Thanksgiving meal they will not be intimidated by anything in the kitchen.

And, Thanksgiving dinner is not gourmet cooking. It is really more about organizing and variety.

Salem said...

I like picturing Jonah with a big plate of brussel sprouts, and satisfied look on his face, and a two big thumbs up.

Erin said...

Yes, Becky my children are brillant. I hope you start a blog. I'd read everything you have to say.

Sara, I love the goal. What a great idea.

jordan said...

I love Barefoot Contessa.

Lindsey said...

I recognize that shopping cart!